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For the Glory of Russian Fencing!

At all times people were interested in sports achievements and great athletes of the past. That’s why Athletic Halls of Glory founded in many kinds of sports have gained respect and popularity all over the world.

28th of December, 2004 became a very significant date for Russian fencing community– the Hall of Fencing Glory of Russia opened this day. It is noteworthy that this Hall was established in St. Petersburg, the city where traditions of Russian fencing appeared and matured over a long period of time. By the way, a large contribution to setting up the Hall of Glory was made by top managers of the Fencing Federation of St. Petersburg.

The Hall’s establishment became an important step on the way to wide recognition of achievements and merit of our best athletes, coaches and experts, who promoted the development of fencing in the country. The first members of the Hall of Glory became legendary Leningrad athletes Boris Melnikov, Edward Vinokurov and Victor Zhdanovich.

A new tradition has appeared - every December in Northern Capital the Fencing Federation of St. Petersburg organizes a special party where the year results are summarized and the new members of the Hall of Fencing Glory of Russia are introduced. In 2005 among them were three-time Olympic champions Alexandra Zabelina and Galina Gorokhova and two-time Olympic champion Mark Rakita. Souvenir figurines and diplomas were presented to them. In 2006 the laureat’s title was awarded to Yuri Mordovin, Konstantin Bulochko, Mark Midler and Victor Krovopuskov.

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