Fencing World Cup Fleuret de St. Petersbourg english version



During the competitions the press-office of the Fencing World Cup will be situated in the press-centre of Peterburgsky Sport Comlex (pr. Gagarina, 8, Central entrance).

The work zone of the press-centre is equipped with telephone, fax, copy machine and computers with high-speed Internet available for all accredited journalists. Besides that, the press-centre will provide journalists with all necessary information about competitions and recent events.

Press-centre work schedule:

Friday 1 June
9:00 - 21.00
Saturday2 June9:00 – 20:30
Sunday3 June
9:00 – 20:30
Monday4 June
9:00 – 20:30
Tuesday5 June
9:00 – 20:30


Press-Centre phone number at Peterbyrgsky Sport Complex: (812) 454 50 34

Fax number at Peterburgsky Sport Complex: (812) 454 50 33



Kotlova Anna

Director of the press-office of the Fencing World Cup

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