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St. Petersburg Open

Since 1994 "St. Petersburg Open. Sports Marketing and Management" Company is the organizer of many international sports competitions. The main spheres of our work are:

  1. Working out and realizing various sports projects from corporative competitions to World Championships;
  2. Full technical servicing of the event;
  3. Advertising and PR-support;
  4. Realizing different marketing strategies;
  5. Cooperation with foreign sports federations and other major sports organizations all over the world.

One of the main company’s projects is the International Tennis Tournament ATP “St. Petersburg Open” which became an extremely popular sports event. Besides that, the company is the organizer of Grand Prix “Fleuret de St. Petersbourg” and “Epee de St. Petersbourg”, St. Petersburg Indoor Trial, Beach Volleyball SWATCH-FIVB World Tour St. Petersburg Open, World Championship “Dynamic Pyramid”.

Every excellent event is a complicated system depending on many different things: athletes’ professionalism, convenience of spectators and participants, effective advertising campaign, highlighting in mass-media, festival ceremonies - all these factors create an atmosphere of the tournament. All members of “St. Petersburg Open” team are true professionals that’s why we know every detail necessary for the successful event organization. Every new project for us is a nice opportunity to develop our professionalism and get new experience. We are always opened for new ideas!

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