Fencing World Cup Fleuret de St. Petersbourg english version



“St. Petersburg Open” Company invites citizen and guests of the Northern Capital to the coming sports feast. The 38th FIE World Cup International fencing tournament “Fleuret de St. Petersbourg” is to be held June 1-5 at “St. Petersburg SKK”.

Athletic intrigue of this year’s World Cup event at St. Petersburg is designated by the Olympic status of 2012 season when competition escalates in all sports. The Grand Prix status of the tournament traditionally allows fencers compete for the World Cup points doubled. Also the most important thing is that “Fleuret de St. Petersbourg” is in fact the last and most important qualifying tournament before the London Olympics.

Obviously, no one of the world’s fencing elite can afford to miss such an event. This accounts for the extreme popularity of St. Petersburg tournament this year: over 400 top rated athletes from more than 30 countries have registered to participate in the competition. Tournament geography also widens: apart from the recognized fencing powers like Russia, Italy, France, Germany, Korea – such countries as USA, Canada, Mexico, Nigeria are expected to be present at the tournament.

Russian athletes are traditionally viewed among top contenders in foil fencing. St. Petersburg foil fencers are distanced in Russian men’s team: Zapozdaev, Rigin, Sedov are participants and winners of multiple sports events among which of course is Grand Prix at St. Petersburg. Tournament organizers expect a lot from our compatriots who are listed among major candidates to join the national Olympic team. This season most of them are in perfect shape, in particular Sedov has just recently became a triumphant of the World Cup event at Bonn. This has strengthened his positions in the national team, so currently he is rated # 2 among Russian foil fencers.

Russian women’s team has to be specifically mentioned for their recent years achievements can be called but only phenomenal. Sufficient to say that Russian women’s foil team is currently an Olympic champion (2008 Beijing) as well as a World champion (2011 Catania). All recent major international fencing events are marked by the Russia-Italy face-off and yet another chapter of which is expected by fencing experts at St. Petersburg.

“Fleuret de St. Petersbourg” is to be held again at St. Petersburg Sports & Concert “SKK” Arena. In the midst of the “White Nights” season viewers are being awaited by an unforgettable performance that is also conveniently scheduled. Five tournament days include three finals: men’s and women’s individual finals and a team final event for women. Every final night is to be followed by the award ceremony. Tournament participants and guests are welcome to use services of press-center & information, cafeteria, gift-shops, and official Internet site.

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