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To Participants and Guests of «Fleuret de St. Petersbourg 2014» FIE Grand Prix Tournament

Dear Friends!

I am happy to welcome participants and guests of «Fleuret de St. Petersbourg 2013» FIE Grand Prix Tournament!

Hosting this prestigious event at our city upon Neva has become a good old tradition encounting several decades and has become recognition of sports achievements of the Northern Capital. St. Petersburg athletes succeed at Olympic Games, World and European Championships, World Cup events.

Most prominent masters of world fencing are gathering once again for the tournament named after St. Petersburg.  We did our best to hold this competition at the highest level and to make it indeed a feast of sports.

This year «Fleuret de St. Petersbourg» will serve as a dress rehearsal for the Second World Combat Games to be held in St. Petersburg just several months later. For the first time fencing is included into the program.

I wish all participants splendid wins and bright spectacle to all viewers!



                                   Georgy Poltavchenko

Governor of St. Petersburg



Dear friends!

On behalf of the International Fencing Federation and from myself I welcome all participants and guests at the finale of the World Cup "Grand prix" - international tournament "Fleuret de St. Peterbsurg".

Throughout its history "Fleuret de St. Petersburg" deserved universal recognition and is currently holding a special place in the international calendar of fencing events. There are two reasons to explain this phenomenon: faultless organization and high level of competitors. That is why it is twice or may be even three times as honorable to win on the banks of the Neva River.

There is one more factor, which I consider to be very important: this tournament takes place in the location where the concentration of cultural masterpieces is very high. This means that fencing will not only allow young people from around the world enjoy each other's company, but also contribute towards their all-round development.

I wish the strongest athletes, who will come to St. Petersburg honest and beautiful fights, all the judges to be objective and acute, all spectators exciting and memorable moments. Let the strongest win! On guard!

Alisher Usmanov,

President of the International Fencing Federation (FIE)




Dear friends!

On behalf of the Russian Fencing Federation and from myself I welcome all participants and guests of "Fleuret de St. Peterbsurg" !

Several times St. Petersburg played a key role in the history of national fencing. First of all it was born here during the times of Peter I. It was in this city when in 1918 the first fencing classes were taught and the first military gymnastics and fencing school opened its doors. It was here where the first Russian Olympic champion in individual tournament was raised. Viktor Jdanovich won a gold Olympic medal in 1960 in Rome. And finally a very well organized "Fleuret de St. Petersburg" became the key reason for pushing International Fencing Federation (FIE) towards making St. Petersburg the host city for the World Championships in 2007. This championship gathered full house every day of the tournament and was recognized one of the best World Championships in the history of this sport.

I am confident that fencing fans of the Northern capital and all foreign guests will enjoy all the fights between the best fencers of the world.

I wish you all fair and beautiful fencing.

Aleksandr Mihaylov,

President of the Russian Fencing Federation




Dear Fencing Fans!

On behalf of the organizing committee I am happy to welcome you at «Fleuret de St. Petersbourg»!

Fencing is one of the oldest and most sophisticated sports. It is a combination of great fencing art tradition and modern technologies that enables to produce beautiful spectacular event.

«St. Petersburg Open» Company does its best to present in action the elite of the word’s foil fencing to the city spectators. We also have an opportunity to support St. Petersburg athletes who consistently display good results at the «home» tournament as well as at many other international competitions including Olympics.

I am sure that this season’s tournament will be conducted at it’s traditionally highest organizational level to satisfy both spectators ant tournament participants.

I wish you all beautiful and honest fencing!



Mikhail Rydnik,
Vice-president of Russian Fencing Federation
President of St. Petersburg Fencing Federation

President of «St. Petersburg Open Company»